As soon as you leave the tent, you can see Seomun Gate

As soon as you leave the tent, you can see Seomun Gate. The star article is the west gate gate tower
It was stationed in an open space just below. There are several empty houses
He could have used a private house as a 메리트카지노 company commander's command post, but he purposely insisted on a tent
Instead, he was in charge of communicating with the detective corps sent across to Ganghwa Island
In the beginning, private houses were used for communication teams and medical college assistant accommodations. Middle at night
Only the captain himself stays with the soldiers.
He walked towards the west gate avoiding the tight tent straps between the tents
C. Dozens of troops were seen entering the open gate. Yang Heonsoo leads the show
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Re I'm flattered. But if you're landing
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Re It was Kim Ki-myung, the first official in the military
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Re As soon as you leave the tent, you can see Seomun Gate
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Re Yang Heon-su's training guide and Tongjinbu soldiers gathered
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Re The appointment of the envoy will be carefully
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